Technological-legal platforms
Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for building law as an objective phenomenon. Implementing the Global Digital Human Rights Principle
How to make legal norms more effective in order to realize human rights?
Blockchain, smart contracts as a new era of trust and human rights 4.0
Blockchain and bigdata, the basis for building a decentralized system for new technological and legal platforms, in order to increase the effectiveness of the realization of personal, political, social human rights and their emerging digital shell in the form of "Global Digital Human Rights"
Legal norms based on new technologies of industry 4.0, in particular, on blockchain and big data, already now allow us to create a transparent, non-corrupt, decentralized model for the implementation of human rights. But this will not be possible without quality development and a digital shell of human rights
Responding to the risks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Globalization 4.0. Sustainable Digitalization and Digital Rights
On the basis of technology platforms (blockchain, bigdata, AI and the Internet), it is possible to form global governance, law and educational systems in order to overcome global challenges and achieve sustainable development
Sustainable digitalization for the benefit of everyone
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