The way to the sustainable development of civilization


What should be education in the world of global problems
A fundamental change in the key parameters of social relations and the strengthening of global challenges require corresponding answers, and, above all, in the field of science and education. Education should be integrated with science and, at a minimum, reproduce knowledge of modern social relations, and ideally, it should take into account the dynamics of their upcoming changes
Human is the main resource in the 21st century
Only investments in "human capital" based on the realization of human rights will create the conditions for solving global problems and the transition to sustainable development of civilization. The implementation of educational human rights is one of the main and most effective ways of investing and reproducing the potential for sustainable development of mankind.
Global Education and Flagship Global Law Education
Global education is a planetary social subsystem integrated with science that advances the reproduction of knowledge, skills, and is also formed to implement the goals mentioned above. The goal of global education is to help build the foundations of global law and governance for sustainable development.
Human Rights and Education
The issue of the formation of educational law in isolation from human rights (and even more so carried out through self-sufficient state policies pursued in the interests of narrow groups) does not seem to be correct. This means that the right to education must be considered in strict accordance with internationally recognized human rights and on the basis of their priority.


Today in the world there are many research centers dealing with problems of global governance and challenges (they are presented below), but nevertheless there is no cooperation in the face of the changes of the era!

It is necessary to fix this and create an integrated platform for building bridges between scientists:
  • Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University
  • Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge
  • Future of Life Institute, USA
  • X-Risks Institute, USA
  • Skoll Global Threats Fund, USA
  • Institute of Mathematical Research of Complex Systems named after I.R. Prigogine Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosova
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